Defending my Major….!

Why are you studying what you are studying? How do computers play a role in what you plan on doing?

I am currently in the process of completing my general education courses as I am still debating what to major in. While I am still thinking of what to major in, I do believe it will be either in the field of computer science or business. My current classes are mostly computer related such as “Introduction to Web Technologies” and  “Computing and Information” and I believe that I will be able to utilize these classes regardless what major I decide to pursue.

I believe that computers will definitely play a major role in what I plan to do in the future. Technology is constantly evolving and since I will either major in computer science or business I know that I will have to be knowledgeable and able to utilize both computers in my everyday endeavors. If I decided to pursue computer science, I know that computers will be the main medium used to create, assess, and troubleshoot any and all work that I will be doing. If I plan to pursue business then I am sure that at the very least I would be using computers as well to complete my work for tasks such as word-processing, emails, and so forth.



Aaron Swartz and his legacy….?

For those who knew him best, were devastated by this young man’s untimely death. And the fact that it was at his own hands does not lesson the blow to his love ones. But to the world, he is known as ” the computer prodigy”. On Jan. 11 Swartz committed suicide in New York, and since then he has become one of the nation’s most closely scrutinized figures.

      “In 2010, using the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s network, he downloaded millions of academic articles from         JSTOR, a nonprofit database service. He was arrested, charged and threatened with a prison term several decades long.” 

Which is where downhill began for Mr. Swartz, prosecutors in the case refused a plea deal him out leaving him without a choice in his mind, if there had been better tactics in the prosecution in this case we would not have lost such a young life. 

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STEM SUBJECTS. And what they are?

-Stem is an acronym for the fields of such as: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. While Stem subject are the fields in which STEM expands such as Chemistry, Computer and Information Technology Science, Engineering, Geosciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Social Sciences.


-StEM jobs pay fairly well, the lowest wage starting at $39,700. In the STEM field you are able to branch out in many directions which is why there are so much wiggle room.


Higher Education- WIll it be replaced by online Education??

In what ways can MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) change higher education?  Can online education ever replace college (why or why not)?

I believe that it can replace a college education. The main reason because most of the face to face classes that we are forced to take are irreverent to real life situation. Even the course that are based on our degrees has a lot that it lacks in. I believe that you learn based on real life experiences, and that many jobs that are out there you learn by doing it. Yes I know someone who not be trained to operate on a person without a medical degree, and I am not saying that it will replace all degrees and colleges, all I am simply saying is that, in some cases a degree is not needed and all you are doing as the student is digging your self into a financial hole with all the school loans. 

Syria and why the United States did not intervene!

In the scheme of things, I truly believe that our government did not want to intervene in Syria, one of the main reasons being was that if we were going to intervene then we would have done it long ago. Another great reason why the US did not intervene is because “only self defense is recognized as a legitimate excuse to use force, the “responsibility to protect” is illegal because of the tremendous potential to cause many more deaths by its huge potential for abuse.”(Eland)  Take Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya for example, we declared war because we were attacked which was a legitimate use of force. Intervening in Syria would have not been a wise choice for the US to take, resulting in more deaths and further heartbreaks.


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The government shutdown!

One of the main functions of Congress is to agree and pass spending bills, which then allows payment to be distributed to government entities, non-profits, small business and even government based services, but with out the funds those services are put to a halt. But on the bright side, The President and even Congress will receive their paychecks. I however do not take any relief in that fact. Their are in-fact a lot of downside that comes with the “government on shutdown”- one of them being the services that aid the needy. Such as food stamps, image not being able to feed your family because there wasn’t enough money to spare, because you were optimistic enough to relied on the government  for that extra hand you so desperately needed. 


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