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Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

Outsourcing is defined as “to send away (some of a company’s work) to be done by people outside the company” by the Merriam Webster website. In the past, not that many companies had to outsource as they remained profitable. But as the economy worsened, companies began to look for ways to minimize their overhead and expenses while still remaining competitive. Outsourcing was and still remains a viable option that many companies have chosen to utilize in different aspects. Some companies have closed “divisions” within and given the responsibility to other companies as they see paying someone else to complete the task as a cheaper option. Other companies actually branch out overseas to other countries where labor is cheaper as well as overhead and have delegated tasks to these “off-site” branches.

Unfortunately this typically forces companies to downsize their workforce, which has happened to numerous American companies. The lack of jobs has forced over-qualified individuals to seek jobs elsewhere or go back to school in an effort to learn new skills. And while community colleges and other universities are enjoying the increase in enrollment, this has left many Americans jobless and frustrated. Fresh graduates are also having difficulty finding jobs that are hiring as well. Individual states have been trying to entice companies to build factories and create jobs for their local job markets. (Example: New York State offered over 1 billion in incentive packages to get Global Foundaries to build their Fab 8 facility in Malta)

So outsourcing arguably has both a positive and negative effect on society, especially within the USA. Our personal views on outsourcing really depend on what industry we are currently in or hope to work in. My personal opinion is that the negative outweighs the positive, as outsourcing has displaced many Americans from their jobs that are being done by someone else.


Wearable Computing

1. I believe that wearable technology definitely is a step in the foreseeable future as it is the next evolution of truly “mobile” entertainment and communication. Companies are always looking for a competitive edge and wearable technology is a new segment that several “pioneer” companies have created products for.

2. Currently most people with cellular smart phones or tablets are connected to the internet through either wireless or 4G / 3G HSPA+ / Edge. Google glasses and smart watches grants us access to this content in a manner that allows us to keep on the go while freeing us of having to look down at our devices. Also cellular phones and tablets can sometimes be too big and wearable technology would allow us to keep our devices stored away. There are downsides as well unfortunately, as having such easy access to information can definitely be distracting. People operating vehicles or heavy machinery may put others or themselves at risk. Privacy also would definitely be an issue as these wearable devices have cameras and microphones built in. Lastly since it is new technology, there are going to be bugs and glitches that will have to be worked out before they become the norm.  But while at its infancy, i can envision more and more variations of wearable technology slowly becoming a part of our society.

Is any piece of information considered private anymore?

Is any piece of information considered private anymore?

I believe that to be a very good question and it depends on the person itself. There are some who like to give out their life story to anyone who is willing to listen.

But yes I do believe there is a fine line that you cross between “too much information”. Somethings are just meant to be kept private not splattered all over. A good example of that are the lives of celebraties. We want to know every little thing that we tend to pry in their lives.



Illegal downloading, and my viewpoints!

Is illegal downloading a victimless crime?

No it is not a victimless crime because while your internet provider keeps your information private, your personal IP address is traceable and you can be brought to legal action should a firm or company find that you are downloading property that you did not own the rights to. Also, while downloading may seem harmless and easy, it does affect not only the artists/actors/authors/publishers/etc, it also affects the companies that offer to sell the media. 
Is illegal downloading different from stealing, if yes why/how is it different?
While illegal downloading is not a physical act of stealing, it is not any different as you are taking something that you did not pay for. Media is the intellectual property of the artist/actors/authors/publishers/producers/etc and downloading it illegally is exactly the same as stealing in my honest opinion. And while there are websites that offer “free downloads,” they typically just send you to an external website in order to avoid any legal repercussions.