Wearable Computing

1. I believe that wearable technology definitely is a step in the foreseeable future as it is the next evolution of truly “mobile” entertainment and communication. Companies are always looking for a competitive edge and wearable technology is a new segment that several “pioneer” companies have created products for.

2. Currently most people with cellular smart phones or tablets are connected to the internet through either wireless or 4G / 3G HSPA+ / Edge. Google glasses and smart watches grants us access to this content in a manner that allows us to keep on the go while freeing us of having to look down at our devices. Also cellular phones and tablets can sometimes be too big and wearable technology would allow us to keep our devices stored away. There are downsides as well unfortunately, as having such easy access to information can definitely be distracting. People operating vehicles or heavy machinery may put others or themselves at risk. Privacy also would definitely be an issue as these wearable devices have cameras and microphones built in. Lastly since it is new technology, there are going to be bugs and glitches that will have to be worked out before they become the norm.  But while at its infancy, i can envision more and more variations of wearable technology slowly becoming a part of our society.


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