Defending my Major….!

Why are you studying what you are studying? How do computers play a role in what you plan on doing?

I am currently in the process of completing my general education courses as I am still debating what to major in. While I am still thinking of what to major in, I do believe it will be either in the field of computer science or business. My current classes are mostly computer related such as “Introduction to Web Technologies” and  “Computing and Information” and I believe that I will be able to utilize these classes regardless what major I decide to pursue.

I believe that computers will definitely play a major role in what I plan to do in the future. Technology is constantly evolving and since I will either major in computer science or business I know that I will have to be knowledgeable and able to utilize both computers in my everyday endeavors. If I decided to pursue computer science, I know that computers will be the main medium used to create, assess, and troubleshoot any and all work that I will be doing. If I plan to pursue business then I am sure that at the very least I would be using computers as well to complete my work for tasks such as word-processing, emails, and so forth.



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