Aaron Swartz and his legacy….?

For those who knew him best, were devastated by this young man’s untimely death. And the fact that it was at his own hands does not lesson the blow to his love ones. But to the world, he is known as ” the computer prodigy”. On Jan. 11 Swartz committed suicide in New York, and since then he has become one of the nation’s most closely scrutinized figures.

      “In 2010, using the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s network, he downloaded millions of academic articles from         JSTOR, a nonprofit database service. He was arrested, charged and threatened with a prison term several decades long.” 

Which is where downhill began for Mr. Swartz, prosecutors in the case refused a plea deal him out leaving him without a choice in his mind, if there had been better tactics in the prosecution in this case we would not have lost such a young life. 

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