Syria and why the United States did not intervene!

In the scheme of things, I truly believe that our government did not want to intervene in Syria, one of the main reasons being was that if we were going to intervene then we would have done it long ago. Another great reason why the US did not intervene is because “only self defense is recognized as a legitimate excuse to use force, the “responsibility to protect” is illegal because of the tremendous potential to cause many more deaths by its huge potential for abuse.”(Eland)  Take Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya for example, we declared war because we were attacked which was a legitimate use of force. Intervening in Syria would have not been a wise choice for the US to take, resulting in more deaths and further heartbreaks.


Newspaper Citation:

Obama downplays American intervention in Syria

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Website Citation:

Eland, I. (September, 2013)The U.S. Will Regret Intervention in Syria []. Retried from October, 2013. From 

The U.S. Will Regret Intervention in Syria


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