“Open source”- The cons and pros.?

To first understand the technical term “Open source” I had to look it up, the dictionary defined it as: “denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.” Which made sense, considering the operative word “open”

Pro-  I believe that one big advantage of open source, is that their aren’t fees associated to the program, a great example would have to be the open office project. Which is a free version of Microsoft works. And while it is a free source, a user is able to fix any bugs they may encounter.

Con-  I believe that one disadvantage of open source is the fact that it is free, because there is little to no help you if an issue arrises, so you are your own unlike a commercial products you paid big bucks for. They on the other hand have business hours, and techs on hand to fix any bug which may occur. 


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